Palio Raimondino is inspired by the famous competition that takes place every summer in the city of Tuscany. The games were named Palio, not for Siena, nor for the prize: Palio comes from the Latin pallium (woolen cloak), which was generally a very fine cloth kept in the cathedral and was the symbol of the prestige of the district winner. Each year our students, bearing in mind the ancient tradition of Siena, participate in this competition. Each team identifies with a Contrada, to which they will belong throughout their school career, from the first year of primary school through to secondary school.

The four Contradas:

The Eagle: symbolizes the fighting spirit and is displayed by the color yellow.

The Dragon: symbolizes passion and is represented by the color green.

The wolf: symbolizes fidelity and is represented by the color red.

The Panther: symbolizes courage and is identified with the color blue.