On June 3, 1872, soon after the proclamation of Italian independence and unity, Luigi Sada founded the Regina Margherita school in Callao. This project was sponsored by the Societa Italiana di Istruzione, with the purpose of preserving the language and values of the children of the Italian immigrants living in Peru. The school’s original location was the Bomba Italia in Callao. Among its founding members was Antonio Raimondi, a personal friend of Luigi Sada. During The War of the Pacific, the Scuola Reghina Margherita was forced to transfer to the city of Lima. However, after a brief period, the school was moved back to Callao, but not before leaving a new Italian educational institution in “The City of Kings”. As it so happens, Antonio Raimondi was also a founding member of this second Italian school in Peru. In the beginning of the twentieth century this new school was renamed the Scuola Italiana Umberto I.

Over the years, the need for a more modern school became evident. In 1929, Mr. Giovanni Raffo and Fortunato Brescia donated land on what is known as Avenue Arequipa. Consequently, in that same year construction on the new school began and a year later the new school opened under the name Antonio Raimondi. This Italian school made use of this wise Milanese´s name by adopting it with the hope that it would inspire a bicultural lifestyle and set of values in its students.

As fate would have it, the school body began to outgrow its facilities. Therefore, construction of the school, at its current location on the Avenue La Fontana, in La Molina began in 1996 and a year later the first group of students was transferred there. The Scuola Italian Antonio Raimondi began a new stage in providing educational services while still focusing on maintaining strong cultural ties that unite Peru and Italy.