Objectives and goals of the dance course:

  1. Bring the student closer to the dance as artistic and cultural expression, providing at the same time experiences on this activity.
  2. Raise awareness among the students about biculturalism (Italian-Peruvian) and knowledge, trying to integrate them through the dance.
  3. Develop and encourage the coeducation through rhythm and body movements.
  4. Provide children with better control of rhythmical and motor responses in the face of different situations.
  5. Help children to accept their own bodies through its movements and learn a new language:
    The body language, a new way of expression and communication that goes from the inside to the outside.
  6. Develop their rhythm, coordination, space (own-general), (attention-concentration) and perception.
  7. Reinforce their presence in the space, searching for a good relationship with their peers with solidarity, respect, democracy and tolerance.