We believe that the child, the adolescent has much to say, has many things to be given to adults.

In many cases, however, can not read their requests, ne tanpocsu send messages tailored to their ability to understand. So this is the function of art: to provide the tools to interpret the events of the human being using basic elements like music, dance, word, the drawing of, masks, costumes, actors, audience and stage.

All these events are the necessidad espressiones inherent in human nature, that is to give voice to their ideas and their relations with the outside world are the tools through which you can overcome a difficult relationship with reality that many sometimes perceived as something alien, creating a rewarding balance of being in the world. Art allows people to objectivar their own anxieties and fears in order to recognize, or also, to realize their dreams and hopes.

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  3. Week of Italian Language and Culture in the World
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