The Educational Association Antonio Raimondi (AEAR) is the institution in charge of overseeing Antonio Raimondi Italian School. The AEAR is a nonprofit association composed of approximately 60 members representing the Italian community in Peru, whose purpose is to spread the language, culture and Italian traditions here. It is chaired by the Board of Directors, who sets the parameters and the structure of each of the institutions it promotes.

The AEAR has launched other important institutions such as:

  • Dante Alighieri School: EIn 2003, the Educational Association Antonio Raimondi founded Dante Alighieri School, located in the historic building on Arequipa Avenue in Lima, where Antonio Raimondi School once stood. This new school is charged with promoting education and spreading the Italian culture in Peru.
  • Centro di Lingua e Cultura Italiana (Cleci):  The Centro di Lingua e Cultura Italiana was founded in 2000 as an institution dedicated to spreading linguistic and cultural values. The institution represents the Italian language in Peru. Its aim is to teach the language, traditions and history of Italy as a means of maintaining identity and promoting cultural exchange with Peru.
  • Raimondi Museum: This institution is responsible for promoting scientific and educational outreach, as well as exhibiting the research and ethical ideals of the Italian scientist for visitors. It was founded in 1981, and includes the most important collection of Antonio Raimondi’s documents that exist in Peru.

Board of Directors: Functioning on two year terms, the current board consists of the following members:

Marco Lercari Carbone President