Sports and recreational activities are important for the personal development of our students. We encourage a healthy lifestyle and the good use of their leisure time, we strengthen their self esteem, and stimulate their sense of responsibility. This development is visible not only in sports but also academically and artistically.

Growth in these areas allows our students to become more responsible. This means improved performance in school, responding positively to new situations, learning to compete constructively, accepting and learning from defeat and defeat, and of course the importance of teamwork. But, most importantly, sports raises the self-esteem of those whose abilities might be lacking in some academic areas, so that they have the satisfaction of being able to develop other areas of interest.

Shaping motor development, healthy competition, andspiritual, cultural and social development are all important aspects of adolescence as well, and can be supported outside the class room as well as inside. Naturally, all this leads to strengthen and enhance the identity with their school. Therefore, we believe pedagogically that it is an important and necessary presence within the curriculum of our institution.

We have a state-of-the-art sports facility to accommodate several disciplines:

  • Multidisciplinary Coliseum equipped for sporting events.
  • Semi-Olympic heated swimming pool (swimming is an integral part of the physical education curriculum).
  • Football field bounded by a regulation track (100m, 200m., etc.).
  • Track and Field facilities for long jump, shot-put, etc.
  • Several courts for activities such as basketball and volleyball.

By the year 2013 we will have completed the construction of a gymnasium training space for karate.

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