The Scuola dell'infanzia is the first grade

In the school system and, as such, it is of enormous importance. In the Rimondino educational model, children, from an early age, learn to live together in a multicultural environment and accept diversity among them as a form of wealth, as an opportunity to get involved with others and grow.

Curiosity, discovery and exploration, the acquisition of autonomy and the determination of one's own experience as significant, develop in the child an ever greater awareness, self-control and self-esteem that, even in its original state, will grow and be strengthened in the years to come.

The methodology adopted by the raimondina maternal school is one that welcomes and interprets the complexity of the child's life experience (sports activity, customs, dress, free time, etc.) and takes into account their educational projection by developing value activities through projects Accurate for the development of critical activities and healthy competition that avoid undue prejudice or misuse of authority.